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Watch How Tracy Went From Pure Misery Working on Wall Street To Discovering and LIVING a (Lucrative) Career with Meaning and Purpose and How She Has Helped Others Like You Do The Same

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Who is Tracy?

At twenty-five, Tracy experienced a crisis of identity. She had a life that many would envy, but was plagued by the guilt that she was deeply unhappy with her career.

Trapped on a Wall Street trading floor for more hours than she cared to add up in a week, and unfulfilled by her daily activities, Tracy knew that there had to be more to life than this. But, much to her disappointment, she could not find a proven system that would help her identify her ideal career.

After two years of soul-searching, three years of human capital advisory work, and 100's of career coaching client conversations, Tracy made an incredible breakthrough. Not only is it possible to find work you love and get paid well in the process, but there is a proven formula to help you discover a super career that fits you perfectly.

Priscilla K.

"Tracy's program, The Nth Degree®, saved me 10 years and $70k AND helped me find a a career I LOVE in just 6 weeks!" 

Patrick M.

"Tracy helped totally transform me from burnt out to looking forward to work every day. I found a career that made me happy and fulfilled." (He also got a $12k RAISE!)

Chelsay C.

"I've never been this happy. Without you, I don't know if I would have ever come to this place where I am so incredibly happy!"

 100% FREE - Next Class Is Starting NOW!

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